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Natural Speech Technology Annual Meeting 2015

28 May 2015 -  University of Cambridge, Engineering Department 


09:00 - 09:30 - Startup and coffee

09.30 - 11.20 Talks 
  • Steve Renals - Introduction [pdf]
  • Penny Karanasou  "Progress in Adaptation of DNN-based Acoustic Models" [pdf]
    • Pawel Swietojanski  "An overview of DNN adaptation methods for ASR Systems within NST project"
    • Zhizheng Wu  "An overview of DNN adaptation methods for TTS Systems within NST project"
  • Peter Bell  "The MGB Challenge at IEEE ASRU-2015" [pdf]
  • One minute madness (introduction of demos/posters in next session) [pdf]

11.20 - 13:00 Coffee and demos/posters  

  1. Pawel Swietojanski "Learning hidden unit contributions for unsupervised speaker adaptation of neural network acoustic models"
  2. Yulan Liu/Penny Karanasou "An investigation into speaker informed DNN front-end for LVCSR" [pdf]
  3. Yulan Liu "On the relationship between speaker informed DNN training and linear DNN input normalisation" [pdf]
  4. Penny Karanasou "I-Vector estimation using informative priors for adaptation of deep neural networks" [pdf]
  5. Chunyang Wu "Multi-basis Adaptive Neural Network for Rapid Adaptation in Speech Recognition"
  6. Peter Bell "The UEDIN ASR Systems for the IWSLT 2014 Evaluation"
  7. Siva Reddy Gangireddy "Prosodically-enhanced recurrent neural network language models" [pdf]
  8. Yanmin Qian "Noise-aware structured DNN for robust ASR"
  9. Liang Lu "A study of the RNN encoder-decoder for large vocabulary ASR"
  10. Mortaza Doulaty "Unsupervised domain discovery" [pdf]
  11. Chao Zhang "A general ANN extension for HTK" [pdf]
  12. Liang Lu / Pawel Swietojanski / Peter Bell "Kaldi extensions at Edinburgh"
  13. Marcus Tomalin "Inserting filled pauses and discourse markers for disfluent speech synthesis" [pdf]
  14. Mirjam Wester/Gustav Eje Henter "On the subjective evaluation of synthetic speech: are we using enough listeners?" [pdf]
  15. Oliver Watts "Sentence-level control vectors for deep neural network speech synthesis" [pdf]
  16. Tom Merritt "Deep neural network context embeddings for model selection in rich-context HMM synthesis" [pdf]
  17. Zhizheng Wu "“Deep neural networks employing multi-task learning and stacked bottleneck features for speech synthesis”
  18. Pierre Lanchantin "Details of the MGB Challenge data preparation" [pdf]
  19. Pierre Lanchantin/ Christophe Veaux "Reconstructing voices within the multiple-average-voice-model framework" [pdf]
  20. Phil Green "Browsing Oral History: English Heritage Demo"[pdf]
  21. Mauro Nicolao/Salil Deena "Automatic speech recognition for people with disordered speech: results from online and offline experiments" [pdf]
  22. Qiang Huang "User dependent interactive system using multimodal information"
  23. Peter Bell "GlobalVox Demo"

13:00 - 14.15 Lunch 

14.15- 15.15 Talks 
  • Thomas Hain - Corpora: new collections and structuring diverse data 
  • Christophe Veaux "Voice banking and voice reconstruction"  [pdf]
  • Andrew Liu "Recent improvements in training, adaptation and decoding using RNNLMs" 
15.15 - 15.45 Afternoon coffee
15.45 - 16:45 Discussions  
  • Clinical (kicked off by Stuart Cunningham)
  • Media (kicked off by Phil Woodland)
  • Future Challenges (kicked off by Simon King) 
16:45  Wrap-up
17.00 - 18:30 Advisory board meeting
19:30  Dinner at Emmanuel College

A few photos taken during the meeting (all photo credits: Mauro Nicolao)