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Deep neural network-guided unit selection synthesis

Title Deep neural network-guided unit selection synthesis
Publication Type Conference Paper
Authors Merritt, T, Clark, RAJ, Wu, Z, Yamagishi, J, King, S
Conference Name Proc. ICASSP

Vocoding of speech is a standard part of statistical parametric speech synthesis systems. It imposes an upper bound of the naturalness that can possibly be achieved. Hybrid systems using parametric models to guide the selection of natural speech units can combine the benefits of robust statistical models with the high level of naturalness of waveform concatenation. Existing hybrid systems use Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) as the statistical model. This paper demonstrates that the superiority of Deep Neural Network (DNN) acoustic models over HMMs in conventional statistical parametric speech synthesis also carries over to hybrid synthesis. We compare various DNN and HMM hybrid configurations, guiding the selection of waveform units in either the vocoder parameter domain, or in the domain of embeddings (bottleneck features).