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NST takes part in Blizzard Challenge 2015

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NST has taken part in a joint entry (together with Helsinki University and Aalto University) to the Blizzard Challenge 2015.  The Blizzard Challenge is an open speech synthesis evaluation campaign using common data sets and a large listening test -- this year's main task consisted of creating TTS systems in Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu. The entry scored well in general, and especially in the intelligibility part of the evaluation where in 4 or the 6 languages, no system from any of the 7 other competing teams was significantly more intelligible.

The Blizzard Challenge Workshop will take place on the 9th of September at Quality and Usability Lab of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Technische Universität Berlin. Here, results from the listening tests will be presented and participants in the Challenge will present details of their systems.