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NST - researchers' away days January 2014

Crieff Hydro walk

From 21-23 January 2014 the researchers in NST got together at Crieff Hydro.

Goals of the meeting were to:

  1. address feedback from advisory board relevant to researchers in NST and
  2. to get to know each other better in order to increase collaboration.

Feedback from the Advisory Board:

  • Vision of NST must be clear to postdocs and PhD students
  • More joint papers
  • More PhD student exchanges
  • More involvement of students during discussions (Annual Meeting)
  • Share systems and resources to avoid duplication of effort and use of sub-optimal systems

The points raised by the Advisory Board were addressed by:

  • A general talk on NST which introduced / reiterated the general vision
  • To achieve more joint papers; collaboration needed to be encouraged. Meeting and getting to know each other, and each other’s work was part of this strategy.
  • Collaborations present and future were discussed in detail.
  • Approaches to encourage more involvement of students during discussions at annual meetings was discussed.
  • Jonathan Kilgour gave a talk on the Interchange format, SVN etc. to ensure awareness of the tools in place to encourage system and resource sharing

Team building activities included woodland combat,  Apodo and mafia (aka werewolves).


                               Woodland combat Sheffield/Cambridge v Edinburgh/Cambridge


Apodo - teambuilding activities