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Yulan Liu research description

Yulan Liu's current research focus is on environment modelling. Many current approaches to modelling of the acoustic environmental effects are based on signal processing. Yulan aims to develop new models that integrate with the complete speech recognition system. The objective of the environment model is to improve the performance of an ASR system in a range of challenging acoustic environments. For example additional parameters such as speaker or sound source location may be integrated into such models to yield improvements over a wide range of conditions.

Up to now Yulan has worked on recording and preparing of a new speech corpus for her research. This new corpus has some very interesting attributes. Players of the game 'War-hammer' are recorded during gameplay. The speakers are tracked with a location detection device and not only talk in a natural way but also move across the room while playing. The players' speech is recording with many microphones and also video recording are included. The corpus is expected to be a rich and interesting resource for her research.

If you are interested in her research, Yulan is happy to send you more information
on her work: