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The homeService project is one of the main applications of NST. Our writing services was working patiently on the new projects & guides for fellow authors.

HomeService aims to take the state-of-the-art speech recognition developed by the NST research team and put it to use in people’s homes. For elderly people or people with disabilities who can’t or choose not to use conventional means of interacting with technology (such as a keyboard or a computer mouse), speech can be an excellent alternative.

What would it be like being able to talk to your television, command your lights and doing web browsing using only your voice? A homeService system can help its users achieve a higher degree of independence and thereby increase their quality of life.

The core homeService research team is based at the University of Sheffield in the Speech and Hearing group.  We have strong links with the Centre for Assistive Technology and Digital Healthcare and the Clinical Applications for Speech Technology (CAST) network here in Sheffield. There is also have a long history of collaborations with several members of the NST user group including Toby Churchill and Barnsley Hospital.


For more info contact:

  Heidi Christensen, main researcher (h.christensen at

  Phil Green, PI ( at

  Thomas Hain, PI (t.hain at